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We understand family isn't always easy and no one really wants to talk about estate planning.  However, it is extremely important to have your affairs in order.  Not only does this provide you with a level of comfort knowing you are prepared for whatever may come, but it also provides your family and loved ones with guidance in a difficult time.

Who should have a will?  The short answer is every person over the age of 18 should have a valid will, no matter what assets they own.  

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? When does it come into effect?  What is an Advance Health Directive?  Do I need any of these?

Understandably these are questions that not everyone knows the answer to however they are important documents that you need to be aware of.  To put it simply:

  • The Enduring Power of Attorney provides authority for your trusted attorney to make health and or financial decisions on your behalf at a certain time in your life, as determined by you. 

  • The Advance Health Directive provides your treating medical practitioner with instructions in relation to your treatment when you may not be in a position to provide them.


Our legal team will work with you to prepare your Estate documents that are right for your individual circumstances and in accordance with your wishes, as well as meeting all legal requirements for validity.

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